Spoolers & Winders

Once pouches are dispensed from your automated packaging device, the packaging is finished. But the work isn’t. Our spoolers and winders are designed to help with the distribution of medications to carts, cabinets, boxes, and ultimately to the nurses and patients.

MJB Smartmed offers a comprehensive solution for managing the hundreds or thousands of packages dispensed by your automated packaging machine. Combined with a variety of spool sizes our unique tabletop and rolling stands can help manage the distribution and staging of your medications.

Organize and manage sachets

Automated spooling allows spooling to occur as pouches exit the packaging machine. This eliminates piles of pouches which would require manual sorting and collation. Our spooling systems keep your pharmacy environment clean and organized, preserving the integrity of the pouches as well as maintaining safety for your employees.

Options to fit your pharmacy and workflow

Convenient and easy-to-use rolling floor stands allow for batches to be staged in an orderly and efficient manner. The stands also facilitate convenient distribution at remote floors, wings, and facilities into carts or cabinets. Tabletop stands provide fast and orderly placement of oral solids into carts and cabinets. These stands can be used in the pharmacy or at the cabinet on the nursing floor.




  • Keeps multi dose batches dust free and organized
  • Self – contained and fully automatic
  • Works with any packing machine
  • No strip breakage - electronic sensors detect when to wind