Sachet dispenser boxes are available in a variety of forms based on the environment for which they are used.

By storing pouches in these boxes, it helps to provide an organized way to distribute medication to the patients in facilities, community and hospital environments. They keep the integrity of the sachets in one location and provide an easy, sequential dispensing solution to help the patient to take their medications accordingly.

Standard Cardboard Boxes

  • White Cardboard patient medication dispenser boxes
  • Keeps patient medications together and organised
  • Easy to use, and reusable
  • Optional clear plastic patient identification tag
  • Works with Sachets from any packing machine (for sizes, see specifications)
  • Cost effective solution
  • Holds approximately 50 multi dose bags
  • Max Roll Width 80mm
  • External dimensions: 84mm wide * 95mm deep * 140mm high
Dispoable Box
Dispoable Box
Dispoable Box

Multi Size and custom Cardboard Boxes

Disposable boxes offer an inexpensive option to dispend medication sachets.

The boxes are designed for patients in both aged care and community settings. Medications are dispensed into 7, 14, and 30-day rolls and packed into medication dispensing boxes.

Available in small, medium and large sizes.

For bulk orders, we can customize boxes with your unique pharmacy branding. You can add your logo, colours and store/website information to match your pharmacy look, and provide contact information at a glance for the patient.

Medium Box Size 196*153*76mm wide (External dimensions)

Plastic Boxes

Robust, reusable plastic medication boxes. Patient identification label can be attached to dispenser.

Available in medium size, with a capacity of approximately 85 pouches, this box is ideal for use in places such as aged care or community living.

This box is versatile sitting on a table or cart, inside the drawer of a cart, or hanging on a wall in a patient’s room using the pre-drilled hole in the bottom/back of the box.

Dimensions: 170mm High * 185mm Deep, 100mm wide