table crusher
  • Silent – will not disturb patient.
  • Patient-safe – eliminates cross-contamination.
  • Accurate – complete dosage for patient.
  • Efficient – crushes multiple tablets at once.
  • User-safe – requires minimal force to crush.
  • Special 8mL pouches help eliminate cross-contamination.
  • Robust and Portable.
  • Comes with 50 Latex Free pouches.

SILENT KNIGHT is the original tablet crushing system. And the most effective available. The reason: it crushes tablets smoothly, quickly, conveniently, and quietly…without disturbing patients.

The patented SILENT KNIGHT pouch makes all the difference.

To ensure even greater efficiency, convenience, and protection, SILENT KNIGHT works with a specially designed, patented pouch.

The pouch has both a curved base and opening that simplifies inserting tablets and pouring crushed medication cleanly and completely. That means no loss of costly medication.

Because the pouch is designed specifically for SILENT KNIGHT, it is extremely strong to prevent tears, punctures, and, as a result, cross-contamination, which is vital to effective patient care.

SILENT KNIGHT now protected by OxiTitan Antimicrobial Coating

Now the SILENT KNIGHT tablet crushing system brings you all the features that have made it so successful, plus an OxiTitan™ antimicrobial coating to help fight infections.

It is well documented that MRSA and other contaminates can persist on surfaces such as door handles, bedrails, countertops and other areas of repeated staff contact for extended periods of time.

How OxiTitan on the New SILENT KNIGHT helps fight against infections

The clear, clean OxiTitan coating on the New SILENT KNIGHT reflects the latest in the application of nanotechnology in the workplace. In the presence of interior or exterior light, using a matrix of nanoparticles the coating is toxic to bacteria, viruses, mold and fungi, yet remains safe for human contact.

OxiTitan is made with safe mineral ingredients with no toxic chemicals or eco-pollutants. It is safe for humans and animals, is totally bio-degradable and will not harm the environment. And the coating will not come off on to the hands during use of the New Silent Knight.

And, unlike other surface antimicrobials, OxiTitan is not a diluted chemical poison, dangerous pesticide or heavy metal. OxiTitan's oxidizing power comes from light itself and presents no toxic side effects or environmental hazards. Like photosynthesis, OxiTitan simply uses the power of light on a catalyst to safely do its job.

Medication Crushing Guidelines

Only medications that have the prior approval of a pharmacist and under the written orders of a physician should be crushed.

What pills should not be crushed with the SILENT KNIGHT?

Slow release tablets, enteric tablets, wax-coated tablets, capsules, and liquid-filled capsules should never be crushed. Consult your pharmacist before crushing any medication.

Four easy steps

step 1
1. Place tablets into SILENT KNIGHT Pouch.
step 2
2. Lift handle and insert pouch between the crushing plates.
step 3
3. Press handle down firmly to crush tablets.
step 4
4. Repeat as needed to pulverize.