After pouches are generated from ATP® 2 Series, InspectRx™ helps to ensure that the right pill is in the right pouch for the right patient. Today, pharmacy staff members spend too much time manually filtering through sachets to verify them for accuracy. Through the medication imaging system of InspectRx, a staff member can now see every pill in every pouch assisted with a dashboard to guide the user to specific pouches that may have an issue. The system not only reduces the labour associated with handling the pouches but also increases the overall accuracy of the pouch packaging system.

Using a 12-point electronic prescription verification system, InspectRx compares every pill with the information printed on the reverse side. Both sides are photographed and archived in a self-maintained database and viewable for a staff member to check each one electronically.

12 Parameter checking

InspectRx™ gives pharmacies the confidence of knowing their pouches are accurate. The new multiple spectrum analysis cameras check 12 physical characteristics of each pill, ensuring the correct medications are in the correct pouches