Simplify the delivery process

Collector, an optional add-on, further enhances the capabilities of InspectRx by cutting, rolling, and taping medication strips by patient, drug, or med cabinet. With the Collector, your pharmacy moves much closer to a completely hands-free packaging system. The Collector is capable of handling smaller pouch strips for 14-day or 7-day and less, but also larger 30-day strips for retail and outpatient applications. This unit can be purchased and installed along with InspectRx or you can add it to the system as your business demands it in the future. Like all of our solutions, the Collector is flexible and modular.

Focus on patient care

The Collector frees up technician and pharmacist time to spend with patients and offer value added services. This hands-free system allows pharmacists and technicians to spend more time on patient care initiatives.


Dimensions 940mm W
585mm D
1250mm H
Weight 200kg
Power 240V AC, 50Hz
Monitor Touchscreen
Computer Hardware External checking station with dual 27” LCD