Medication Imaging

Why Choose InspectRx?

InspectRx™ is an innovative system of imaging and medication pouch analysis for use with the ATP® Series. Manual checking of pouches is greatly reduced through electronic sorting and analysis to ensure that the right pill is in the right pouch for the right patient. InspectRx closes the loop on quality control and communication with your staff and facilities. This is another step closer to our commitment to achieve a “hands free” production system with world-class quality.

An accurate record of all medications

In tandem with the ATP® 2 Series, InspectRx can complete the circle to deliver the most accurate and safe result to patients. Images are captured of every pouch, front and back, for the pharmacy's records for reference.

Automatically learns and adds new Medications on the fly

As new medications are detected in sachet’s, the InspectRx Self learns and adds them to the machine database. Medications do not need to be photographed in advance of being packed – a significant time saving for the operator.

Separate Corrector Station

InspectRx features a separate corrector camera station which allows for updated pouches to be documented without needing to run the entire strip back through the machine.

Manager Application

The InspectRx manager application allows for easy pouch picture retrieval in the case of questions from staff or patients. It provides quality and production statistics, and easy handling of the reference database.

Labour Savings

  • One person and one InspectRx can check pouches for one or multiple ATP machines
  • Decreases labour costs of manually handling pouches
  • Significant reduction in pharmacist check time
  • Streamlines and automates collation and winding process when combined with Collector™


  • 2,400, 3,600 or 5,400 sachets per hour
  • Includes a secondary external camera checking station to reduce downtime associated with pouch rework
  • Runs unattended, at a constant rate and does not slow in order to read pouches
  • Hands-free when combined with Collector; Can roll, cut, and secure sachet roll

Accuracy & Safety

  • Provides a fast electronic view of each pouch
  • Analysis by visual and electronic verification
  • Colour indicators flag suspect pouches
  • Corrected pouches are photographed and uploaded to database
  • Reduces missing medication requests from the facility
  • Image retention for documentation audits from health care inspectors
  • Pharmacy has full control of image database
  • Decreases medication errors
  • Peace of mind for pharmacy staff and facility


Dimensions 1900mm W
(width include spool)
600mm D
1450mm H
Weight 170kg
Power 240V AC, 50Hz
Monitor Touchscreen
Computer Hardware External checking station with dual 27” LCD