Machine Features

The ATP® 2 series is a fast, accurate automated sachet packaging system. Able to fill both narrow unit dose as well as multi-dose / standard width dose packages from up to 480 canisters results in vast efficiency gains for high volume compliance packaging pharmacies.
  • Proven, Reliable Technology.
  • Can run continually, through multiple shifts.
  • Pack up to 65 pouches per minute
  • Quality USP Class B plastic packing film (not older style Cellulose Nitrate or Cellophane)
  • Resin ink is used to print the sachets ensuring the print will not fade or rub off
  • One of the most accurate packing machines available

With ATP® 2 series you can start with the canister capacity you need now, and expand your machine later, without needing to replace and purchase a new larger capacity model.

Choose the number of canisters that best meets your needs – 64, 128, 192, 256, 320, 400 and 480 canisters. The ATP® 2 series is quickly and easily upgraded in the field, so you can start small and increase increments of 64 canisters as your script volume or formulary expands.

Combined with the Bullseye tablet splitter, half tablets can be packed from canisters – offering a significant time saving over manually splitting and loading as tray med’s

Dual 64 Slot tray for partial and non-standard drugs.

Dual UTC Trays allow the machine to operate continuously, without waiting for operator to load new trays

With the ATP® Series, each slot can contain multiple and different drugs, reducing the number of trays to be filled.

The tray can either be filled on the fly, through LED Lights to show the user which slots to fill, or Pre – Fill trays filled and checked in advance.

Graphics add on offers enhanced bag printing:

  • Graphics and Icons
  • Extended Fonts
  • Images
  • Colour Printing

Innovative Smart Canisters are swappable, electronically identified canisters, allowing you to pack additional drugs beyond the machines 480 canister capacity.

Smart Canisters make system replenishment and order fulfillment safer and faster than ever before. They are ideal for pharmacies serving multiple facilities and market segments with different formularies.

Now there is a single system that delivers all the Sachet packaging options you could ever want – or need. The ATP® series is the only system on the market that can produce both narrow unit dose pack as well multi-dose or standard width unit dose sachets.

Downtime is practically eliminated with the ATP® 2 series ingenious interchangeable packaging mechanism. Keep a backup packaging mechanism on hand and you’re back in business in the blink of an eye.

In less than 2-minutes any technician can switch packaging mechanisms. Simply slide out one unit and slip in the alternative. It’s that easy to stay operational. You can even alternate easily between unit dose and multi-dose packaging.

Redundant packaging mechanisms ensure your pharmacy operates at peak production. They are especially useful for high volume pharmacies that can’t afford to be down, even for a moment.

A Replenishment Kit option is also available. This kit includes a scale that counts oral solids by their average piece-weight and a barcode scanner that verifies that the right drug is in the right canister.

Ideal for dispensary with limited space- no access from sides necessary.

  • User Configurable Bag Labels.
  • Graphics and Colour Printing add on Kit available.
  • Sachet barcoding - For additional patient dosing safety and integration with Electronic Dose Admission systems.
  • Up to 16 unique drugs in a single sachet.
  • Client / Server model and central medication database, when using multiple machines.
  • Batches can be queued in advance, allowing user to start preparing the next batch, filling trays etc.
  • Skip Med Functionality allows user to continue dispensing if med out of stock.
  • Fingerprint reader for security, and packing operator identification.


With any packing technology, it is essential the pharmacy can accurately keep track of patients medication balances. Our software allows you to enter and maintain the patient scripts in your current pharmacy system, and also utilise our proprietary software to schedule medications, and track balances, pre-process the information and forward data to the packing machine.

Utilizing our software eliminates double entering of data, saving you time, and eliminating a large potential for error.

Our PDA Based Electronic Dose software 'SmartDose' is designed for use at facilities for bedside administration of patients medications.

Integrating with our packing software, the patients medications schedule are read from the central database, no double entry required. This is a value added solution our clients can offer to their nursing homes to provide additional services, and give them another unique offering to differentiate them from other pharmacies.

Medication Charts and Signing Sheets.

Our packing software can also produce a wide range of medication charts and signing sheets conforming to the latest regulatory requirements. Signing sheets and med charts can be customized for your pharmacy, giving you that 'unique edge' over your competitor.

Warranty, Finance & Rental

Service and Support

We can connect to your system remotely, to assist with questions, trouble shoot and run diagnostics on the machine.


Dimensions 2020mm High
1020mm Wide
790mm Deep
Weight 590kg (~800kg with Canisters & Meds)
Power 240V 50Hz 2A
Speed Pack up to 65 pouches per minute
Capacity 350cc per canister
Canisters Up to 480 standard + Unlimited Hot Swap