ATP® 71 - Compact sachet packing machine

Designed specifically to have a small footprint, ATP-71 allows for automation of medications in 71 canisters. The external tray system allows you to expand your formulary in the same small footprint. The software is user intuitive and easy to integrate into your workflow process. Canister replenishment is verified by barcode, ensuring accuracy.

For pharmacies serving a smaller patient population, ATP-71 provides a cost-effective way to begin offering the service of adherence packaging.

Machine Features

ATP® 71 is a compact sachet packing machine in the smallest footprint available today. The system is ideally suited for small formularies and disease state management.

Occupies less space than wall mount systems.

Ideal entry level machine to replace blister packing.

From the same family as the award winning ATP® Series, ATP® 71 is both fast and accurate and can prepare multi-dose sachets at speeds of up to 40 packs per minute.

  • Proven, Reliable Technology.
  • Can run continually, through multiple shifts.
  • Pack up to 40 pouches per minute
  • Quality USP Class B plastic packing film (not older style Cellulose Nitrate or Cellophane)

42 Slot tray for partial and non-standard drugs.

With the ATP® Series, each slot can contain multiple and different drugs, reducing the number of trays to be filled.

The tray can either be filled on the fly, or through Pre – Fill trays filled and checked in advance.

  • User Configurable Bag Labels.
  • Sachet barcoding - For additional patient dosing safety and integration with Electronic Dose Admission systems.
  • Up to 16 unique drugs in a single sachet.
  • Client / Server model and central medication database, when using multiple machines.
  • Batches can be queued in advance, allowing user to start preparing the next batch, filling trays etc.
  • Skip Med Functionality allows user to continue dispensing if med out of stock.
  • Optional fingerprint reader for security, and packing operator identification.
  • Available in both Unit Dose and Multi Dose models


With any packing technology, it is essential the pharmacy can accurately keep track of patients medication balances. Our software allows you to enter and maintain the patient scripts in your current pharmacy system, and also utilise our proprietary software to schedule medications, and track balances, pre-process the information and forward data to the packing machine.

Utilizing our software eliminates double entering of data, saving you time, and eliminating a large potential for error.

Our PDA Based Electronic Dose software 'SmartDose' is designed for use at facilities for bedside administration of patients medications.

Integrating with our packing software, the patients medications schedule are read from the central database, no double entry required. This is a value added solution our clients can offer to their nursing homes to provide additional services, and give them another unique offering to differentiate them from other pharmacies.

Medication Charts and Signing Sheets.

Our packing software can also produce a wide range of medication charts and signing sheets conforming to the latest regulatory requirements. Signing sheets and med charts can be customized for your pharmacy, giving you that 'unique edge' over your competitor.

Warranty, Finance & Rental

Service and Support

We can connect to your system remotely within a few seconds, to assist with questions, trouble shoot and run diagnostic on the machine.


  • Up to 71 canisters
  • Replenishment Kit enhances efficiency, accuracy, and inventory management
  • 42 slot universal tray for partial and non-standard drugs
  • Convenient pull-out drawers mean simpler maintenance as well as easy access to canisters, packing film, and printer ribbon
  • Easy to use software including touch screen and on-screen video
  • Packs both multi-dose & unit-dose format
  • Small footprint - can fit through standard doorway
  • Suitable for dispensary with limited space- no access from sides necessary
  • Can print barcode on sachets
  • Touch Screen Display
  • Up to 16 different types of drugs in a single sachet


Dimension 990mm High
790mm Wide
710mm Deep
Weight 200kg (~275kg with Can & Meds)
Power 240V 50Hz 6.3A
Capacity 310cc per canister
Canisters Up to 71