ATP® 2 Sachet Packing

ATP® 2 Series Industry Leading Expandable Sachet Machines.

ATP® 71 Sachet Packing

ATP® 71 Industry Leading Compact Sachet Machines.

Graphic Printing Kit

Additional fonts, graphics and colour printing.

Patient Order Packing

Organise all meds for a patient ready for patient pickup or facility delivery.

ATP® Series Overview

The Sachet system is an easy to administer DAA and significantly reduces the time it takes your Pharmacy to pack medications.

Sachet packaging is vital to medication compliance and patient well-being. It has been proven in clinical studies that a simple-to-use adherence package can reduce medication errors and increase compliance.

MJB Smartmed Sachet’s provides a wide range of benefits, not only to the patient, but to the caregivers and pharmacies that serve them. Your pharmacy can quickly and effectively pack medications. The patient benefits from receiving medications in sachet’s that are easy to administer and organized by dose times.

Discover the Next Generation - ATP® 2

Our solutions provide training and tools to ensure that every pill is dispensing correctly from your ATP 2, while reducing downtime and operating costs.

Our new ATP 2 produces sachets that can be customized with valuable adherence tools including graphics, icons, images, colour, and instructions. MJB Smartmed also offers a full suite of products to complement sachet packing technologies.

The ATP 2 leaps ahead of all the others in reliability, longevity, and features to drive efficiency and growth for our pharmacy partners.

The ATP 2 is available in many different sizes and configurations in order to fit any size and any volume pharmacy. The formulary capacity of the ATP 2 is limitless when combined with AutoSense™ smart canister technology.

With ATP 2’s unique dual tray system, you can continuously run your ATP 2 without interruptions. Variable sachet sizes ranging from extra small through to large, save time and money by allowing a pharmacy to use appropriate-sized bags for a facility.

The ATP 2 is more reliable than ever with features such as self-correcting motor bases that help to reduce downtime and user intervention with canisters. With an additional lower packaging unit (LPU), most hardware issues can be resolved in a matter of minutes.


External LED Guided filling


Smart Canisters


Checking Technology

Hot Swap LPU

Virtually eliminate downtime

Sachet Overview