Expand your automated formulary in packaging automation.

Unique and Proprietary Coding

AutoSense™ allows the ATP2 series to automatically detect canister replacement and updates the database regardless of its placement, allowing the expansion of automated formulary without the need to purchase larger capacity machines.

Application and Flexibility

AutoSense can be applied to any existing ATP2 Series and is available in increments of 16 canister bases. The product allows an ATP2 Series to be enabled with AutoSense, so that every location in the device can be flexible to handle any oral solid formulary item, including half-tablets. AutoSense is ideally suited if you need to pack a specific range of meds outside your standard packing formulary – for example specific disease treatment facilities, mental health care.


Canister Size 350cc (approx.)
Canister Configuration 16 canisters/drawer
Suitable Medications Oral Solids, Half-Tablets


ATP2 Series