Expand your pharmacy in the Aged Care sector - Increase Efficiency

Sachet Packing System

  • Improves accuracy
  • Easy to use DAA (Dose Administration Aid)
  • Complies with all regulatory standards
  • User friendly and an ideal system to administer
  • Preferred medication packing solution for Residential Aged Care Homes
  • Ideal for Community Patients

Benefits to the Pharmacy

  • Real time dispensing – pack within 24 hours of delivery
  • Free up staff time to spend with Customers and offer value added services
  • Greatly expands capacity and beds packed
  • Delivers a competitive advantage, reduces costs, increases profits

Why pack your own Sachets rather than Outsource?

  • Increased flexibility - Immediately change, pack and dispatch
  • Customise sachets and charts unique to your pharmacy
  • Significantly reduces time to pack medications
  • Save time – you retain complete control of patients medications and med schedules in house – no double entry or logging onto 3rd party management systems
  • Medication Packaging system is fully owned and operated by the Pharmacy - so you stay in control of the business activity and the ability to drive increased revenues!

Product Offering

  • SmartPack included to manage patients, medications & balances - providing a complete audit history.
  • Complete packages are available including medication boxes and trolleys to suit the Sachet model.
  • SmartPack produces a wide range of medication charts and signing sheets conforming to the latest regulatory requirements.
  • Signing sheets and med charts can be customized for your pharmacy, giving you that 'unique edge' over your competitor.
  • Online Ordering optional Module – to allow your facilities to order electronically.
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