It's All in the Package

The perfect medication administration solution for patient safety and compliance in nursing homes, aged care facilities, community and independent living settings

Easy to Use and Administer

Each sachet can include patient name, medication and administration time, printed directly on the package.

The Sachet label can be customised for your Pharmacy with many other fields and barcodes, as well as graphic & colour printing through an add on kit.

The Best Packaging Flexibility

The system can mix or separate meds as needed. Unit dose or multi-dose, critical or non-critical drugs. No matter what packaging format you prefer, the Sachet system can accommodate it – quickly and efficiently.

Saves Time and Labour

You have the right medications, in the correct dose, at the right time, every time. This significantly reduces the time spent administering medication, allowing facility staff to spend more time where it’s needed most - caring for residents.

Faster Packing and easier Medication Changes

Our systems pack medications quickly and offers flexible medication scheduling. Packing closer to the start of the medication cycle reduces both time performing medication changes and medication wastage.

You can immediately pack medication changes. What’s more, our machines don’t take breaks or holidays and can run multiple shifts per day.

Increase Accuracy, Reduce the Chance of Errors

Computerised medication processing assures the highest level of accuracy. You can feel confident that patients receive only the medications they need, when they need them.

Optional 1D & 2D barcoding facilitates bedside verification, which can help reduce errors associated with improper dosing and/or drug administration.

The ideal solution for facilities and community

This greatly enhances compliance and patient well-being

Unit dose or Multi-dose, pre-packaged mediations are easier and more convenient to take. Everything about the Sachet system enhances the ease and convenience of more effective compliance.

Simply select and remove the appropriate individually sealed, sequentially packaged medication sachet from its strip.

Administer the medication inside the packet on the date and time indicated.

The Result: patients are assured of taking the right medication, at the right time, on the right day – no matter where they are. This greatly enhances compliance and patient well being.

Best of all nothing could be simpler or more error-free.

Quick, Efficient, Accurate

Our primary goal is to bring the most advance and convenient ways of administering and delivering medication to patients in nursing homes, aged care, and independent living. That’s why we are proud to feature solutions from the Amerisource Bergen Technology Group, offering some of the most advanced Japanese made medication packing technologies available.

Sachet System – the world’s most advanced Dose Administration Aid (DAA). Medication Sachets provide compliance packaging for a new level of convenience, flexibility and accuracy in medication packing and administration. It’s a system specifically designed to meet the most demanding patient medication needs, no matter where your patient may be - Quickly, Efficiently, Accurately.

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