automated pouch packaging

Maximize productivity and accuracy at prescription fulfillment.

Close the loop

Working in tandem with ATP® and ATP® 2 Series, SmartTrayRx facilitates accurate filling of non-canister medications through a fully interfaced application that directs the technician to fill the item using light direction. This paperless system also provides user tracking for every step of the process. Most importantly, this patented technology allows your pharmacy to confidently label and fill every pouch accurately without costly rework.

Colour-coded for safety

Colour-coded lights help technicians identify partial, whole, and multiple pills in a cell. The user can simply touch an individual cell on the screen to show an image and description of the medication. Additionally, barcoded trays ensure that the correct pre-fill trays for the right batch are dispensed in the proper sequence through ATP Series.


Power 240V 50Hz 2A
Hardware Client and Monitor
Barcode Scanner
Lighted Tray
Docking Station


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