Packing Software

With any packing technology, it is essential the pharmacy can accurately keep track of a patients medication balances. Our software allows you to enter and maintain the patient scripts in your current pharmacy system, and also utilise our proprietary software to schedule medications, and track balances, pre-process the information and forward data to the packing machine.

Utilizing our software eliminates double entering of data, saving you time, and eliminating a large potential for error.

SmartPack - Medication Charts and Signing Sheets

Our packing software can also produce a wide range of medication charts and signing sheets conforming to the latest regulatory requirements. Signing sheets and med charts can be customized for your pharmacy, giving you that 'unique edge' over your competitor.

SmartDose - Electronic Dosing for your Facilities

Our PDA Based Electronic Medication Chart 'SmartDose' is designed for use at facilities for bedside administration of patients medications.

Integrating with our packing software, the patients medications schedule are read from the central database, no double entry required. This is a value added solution our clients can offer to their nursing homes to provide additional services, and give them another unique offering to differentiate them from other pharmacies.


Allows your Facilities to order patient medications, and electronically upload medication changes.

View live order status on line.

Facilities can submit New Resident Admission info.

Online Communication between Facility and Pharmacy.